Find optimal balance between Body & Mind with Yoga at Zest your Life in Amstelveen

Zest embodies spirit, strength and vitality

Are you keen to start training your Mind & Body? Are you looking for help in finding optimal balance between Mind & Body? Come and join us at Zest your Life!

Why choose Zest Your Life?

At Zest your Life, you are guaranteed to reach your personal goal, whether it’s improving Body, Mind, or both.

Only at Zest your Life, we offer:

  • A complimentary physiotherapy consult (Physio Check)
  • A wide range of Mind & Body classes and workshops
  • Mind & Body training suitable for all levels and ages


Zest Your Life  is THE spot in Amstelveen  for Yoga, Meditation, Strength training and More. At Zest Your Life we guarantee optimal coaching and personal attention to help you reach your goal. All new members start with a free try-out class.