Kids and Teen Yoga

Kids Yoga (8-12 yr) Fridays 16:30-17:30
Kids Yoga combines movements, fun, attention, and concentration. During each class, a playful combination of yoga postures, dance movements, breathing exercises, fantasy play (visual and meditative) and concentration-enhancing games will be centered around a specific theme. Playfulness and fun are top priority!

Teen Yoga (12-15 yr)
Teenagers experience a host of changes, including social, physical and emotional. Yoga helps teenagers feel mentally and physically stronger, and improves their self-confidence. Teen Yoga is an effective but above all fun, inspiring, and relaxing way to improve balance between body and mind. All elements of Yoga are covered: yoga postures, breathing exercises, concentration, meditation, visualisation, relaxation and mindfulness. Input and ideas from the participating teens are also encouraged.


Zest Your Life
Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 102
1183 CL Amstelveen

020 363 75 77

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