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Yoga, meditation, strength. I know I want to work on myself, but what will suit me the best? To find out, you would like to try it all out first.

Get Inspired! we say at Zest Your Life. Come and try our one time only try-out month without any obligations. Experience the different trainings and discover which one is your favourite. For €29,99 you can participate in the classes unlimitedly. Got inspired? we would love to welcome you as a new member after the try-out month.

In general, classes at Zest Your Life are given in Dutch. However, if English-speaking students notify their teacher, the class will be given either entirely in English or in a combination of Dutch and English.

Do not delay, experience it yourself during the Trial Month!

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Eating and drinking before and after class

Avoid consuming large meals 2 hours prior to class; instead, have a light snack one hour before class (for instance, fruit, cracker, yoghurt). Also, make sure you drink enough fluids before and after class. You can bring your own water bottle or purchase water (plain or coconut) at the bar.

What to wear to class

Wear comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely, such as T-shirts, singlets, shorts, yoga leggings and (sports) tops. For most classes, bare feet are the best option, but (yoga)socks are optional. Shoes are not allowed in class. For your convenience, changing rooms with showers are available.

What to bring to class

All necessities and accessories are available at Zest Your Life, including yogamats, blocks, cushions, blankets and belts. All you need to bring is yourself and perhaps a towel and a bottle of water. Free lockers are available so please don’t take any bags, jackets, shoes or mobile phones (on silent mode) into class.

Please arrive on time

Please make sure you arrive on time, ideally around 10-15 minutes before class starts. This will allow you to get acquainted with the teacher, and get settled onto your mat in a relaxed way. Arriving late is disruptive for your fellow students. So please be courteous to yourself and others by getting to class on time. 

Zest Your Life  is THE spot in Amstelveen  for YogaMeditationStrength training and More. At Zest Your Life we guarantee optimal coaching and personal attention to help you reach your goal. All new members start with a Get Inspired Try-out month.


Zest Your Life
Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 102
1183 CL Amstelveen

020 363 75 77

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